English is the shit.

Okey, so, Kenza has now written something on her blog, and as far as I could see, there wasn't much of the party that I suspected. I guess all the bloggers are very tired today... and have beautiful weather? Here it seems to be raining any minute now. Let's just hope it will! I won't go out today anyway and the grass could need some water. (And yes, I AM desperate to keep the summer here as long as possible.) So, everybody hold your thumbs for the rain! (pleeaasseee?)

Yeah, and soon everybody goes back to work and schools and kindergarten. Some of you might even already started?
Don't really know what else to say. (haha!)
As usual...

Oh, right! I have exciting news...
who want's to know? =)
I promise I'll tell you... it's a new category. And it has to do with style. That's all I can say! ♥
But you'll find out more later or tomorrow.
I swear!



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